Youth RIGF 2020 moderator Maxim Fedorov will represent Russia in UNESCO's AI working group
Timur Sabirov
Director of the Skoltech Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE), professor Maxim Fedorov, will represent the Russian professional community in UNESCO's international AI expert group which will hold a series of working meetings between April and August 2020 to draw up ethical guidelines for the development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Committee for Artificial Intelligence at the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO will act as a mouthpiece for the Russian expert community. The Committee is headed by Skoltech President Alexander Kuleshov.

Maxim Fedorov and Alexander Kuleshov will speak at the First Russian Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth RIGF 2020), a unique platform where students will join the debate on Internet-related issues on par with other participants. The agenda will include other relevant topics, such as the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In the lead-up to this international event with its AI-focused agenda, reputable experts are eagerly looking forward to sharing ideas with the student community.
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