The Youth Digital Ombudsman and the Center for Global IT Cooperation have established the annual Digitalization for Good Award as part of the Forum since 2023. The purpose of the award is to identify and support young people (including IT specialists) who have made a special contribution to the protection of rights, clarification of duties, responsibilities of citizens in the digital space; increase the level of digital literacy.
This year 100 applications were received from 36 regions of Russia and 2 foreign countries. The award winners received unique opportunities: an internship at Rostelecom PJSC, a scholarship from Consultant Plus, a certificate to take a course from Netology, as well as tickets-invitations to participate in the III International School of Internet Safety for Youth, a flagship project of the ICO. This year's winner was the "Battle of Artificial Intelligences" project by Evgeny Nikiforov.
The Battle of Artificial Intelligences is an international technology competition aimed at developing informed use of AI technologies and programs, developing critical thinking in the use of results generated by AI programs, and developing tools to protect historical truth and factual accuracy.
The winner of the Youth RIGF special award for the best youth technology project was the NERA app. Evgeny Murik, CEO and founder of the startup, received the award. NERA (New era of education) is a gamified personal development platform with a set of effective practices that solve human problems in all spheres of life. The test version of NERA is already available for download for all users on the AppStore and Google Play, and is essentially already a finished product with high export potential. As a prize, the NERA team received mentoring to promote the project from Skolkovo International IT Park and a certificate for startup courses from Netology.
The Forum also included the awarding of prizes of the event's partners. Thus, the .RU/.RF Coordination Center held an essay contest dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the .RU domain. The author of the best text was the representative of the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics Sergey Tyumin. He received a cash prize for his creative talents.
In addition, an award of its own was presented by the Plekhanov Russian Economic University. The university celebrated the participants in the "Multimedia Digital Technologies" nomination. All winners received a certificate to attend a free neural networking course.
The Youth RIGF 2024 is being held for the fourth time already and is part of the Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF) under the auspices of the United Nations. In total, more than 1000 applications were submitted for participation in the event from young people interested in global and domestic trends in the IT sphere and issues of Runet development. The organizer is the Competence Center for Global IT Cooperation.