Skoltech, Moscow
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Join the discussion on the future development of the internet! The Internet Governance Forum is a global series of events supported by the United Nations since 2005. Leading experts from business, academia, and government hold discussions on prospects of a global network.

For the first time in Russia students are invited to this discussion as equal participants. The launch of the Youth initiative will help to hear their voice and ideas, as well as put them forward.
Alexander Kuleshov
President of Skoltech, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Earlier, Professor Kuleshov headed the Institute for Information Trasmission Problems and joined Skoltech in 2015. On this 100-day of Presidency address, Professor Kuleshov set the goal for Skoltech to be named as one of the top 100 young universities in the world within 5 years, which was achieved earlier, in 2019.
Alexey Natekin
Founder of Open Data Science — one of the biggest data science communities in CIS. CEO of the platform Data Souls, which is used for Machine Learning contests. Organizer of the biggest data science conference in CIS and Eastern Europe Data Fest. Worked on more than 20 major projects with DM Labs, Deloitte and Siemens.
Elena Shmelyova
Head of the "Talent and Success" foundation (under the Educational Center "Sirius"), member of the Presidential Council for Science and Education. Earlier, Elena headed the "Elevator into the future" project and was the deputy head of the Graduate School of Management and Innovation, MSU, vice-president of "Sistema" Foundation and head of the Journalism faculty at St. Petersburg University.
Maxim Fedorov
Руководил исследованиями в области суперкомпьютерных приложений в Институте Макса Планка (Германия). Skoltech professor, Director of CDISE center. Earlier, headed the West Scotland Supercomputer Center at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and supervised research on supercomputer applications at the Max Planck Institute (Germany).
Alexander Ageev
CEO of the International Research Institute of Management Problems (MNIIPU) and the Institute for Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INES). Academician of the Russian and European Academy of Natural Sciences. Author of more than 700 scientific papers published in Russia, the USA, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Italy, China and other countries. Professor MEPhI, MGIMO, Moscow State University. Head of Working Group 01, Fundamental Standards, Technical Committee No. 164, Artificial Intelligence.
Natalya Germanova
Doctor of Sciences, professor, member of the problem group on the theory of literary languages at the Institute of Atomic Energy RAS, linguistic society Societas Linguistica Europae, International Society for the Linguistics of English. Managing editor of Vestnik MGLU, member of the editorial board of the journal Ethnopsycholinguistics.
9:00–9:30 Participant registration, welcome coffee

Tour of Skoltech

Opening Ceremony
Global policy of technology and meaning management
Experts: Alexander Kuleshov, Alexey Natekin, Alexander Ageev
12:30–13:00 Coffee + Networking

13:00–14:00 Group work (in parallel)
Artificial Intelligence: the risks and opportunities
Moderated by: Maxim Fedorov, Alexey Natekin

The risks and opportunities in the development, implementation and application of AI technology in healthcare, economy, science, manufacturing and education. The ethics, morals and values.
Variety in a virtual environment
Moderated by: Natalya Germanova

The preservation of the "digital variety"; cultural, linguistic, technological variety in the digital environment. Problems and possible solutions.
14:00–15:00 Coffee + Networking

15:00–16:00 Group work (continued)

16:00–16:30 Coffee

16:00–17:00 Expert group work to summarize ideas and suggestions

17:00–17:40 Final discussion
The future of the global network: vision and ideas
17:40–18:00 Award Ceremony for the Young Talents Forum Award winners

18:00–20:00 Afterparty and networking
Skoltech is a young international university, which was founded in 2011 in collaboration with MIT. In 2019, in just 8 years of its existence, Skoltech was named one of the top 100 young universities in the world by Nature. Today, Skoltech offers Masters and PhD programs in STEM, taught by distinguished faculty members and current researchers.
Skoltech in less than 3 minutes
_ Artificial intelligence and Data Science are among the top 6 priorities of Skoltech research
_ Skoltech leads key research in the telecom industry, hosting the National Centers for Excellence in Wireless Technologies and IoT and 5G.
_ The most discussed scientific paper in the world of 2019 (according to Altmetrics) was published by Skoltech researchers and dedicated to Deep Learning.
_ Skoltech's Data Science Masters program is one of the most popular and competitive programs in Russia.
Date and time:
Fall 2020
30c1 Bolshoi boulevard, Moscow, Russia
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