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12 May 2023

The Internet Governance Forums have been held around the world since 2005 under the auspices of the United Nations, where representatives of business, academic community, government bodies and expert community discuss topical issues of the World Wide Web's development.
Russian students and young professionals will once again become full participants in the global discussion - their opinions will be heard and taken into account due to the Forum.
To maximize participant engagement, the Forum will be held in a hybrid format; everyone will have the opportunity to be part of the discussion.
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Participants registration, welcome coffee

Opening Ceremony

10:30–11:30 Visionary Lecture

11:30–11:45 Networking

11.45-13.15 Group work (in 4 parallel sections)
  • "Create Not Download": National Content

    With Western companies leaving the Russian market, pirated content has become increasingly popular. This is not surprising, since almost every Russian citizen was a "pirate" at least once. Most of the pirated content is downloaded by young people: firstly, because they do not have enough money to purchase a legal product and, secondly, because they are smart enough to figure out how to download and install cracked software. How to motivate developers to produce high-quality domestic content that you want to buy? What content is popular among young people now?

  • Whirl of the Darknet:
    Protection from the "Dark Forces" of the Web

    There are two sides to every coin, and the Internet is no exception. The dark side of the World Wide Web is full of forbidden content, and since the forbidden fruit is the sweetest, getting into the dark part of the Internet is tempting for many. Young people are the most typical audience of the Darknet for two reasons: it has actually evolved with them, and curiosity and adventurous spirit are especially common among young people. What is a part of the Darknet and how can we protect ourselves from the poisonous influence of this, in the truest sense of the word, "black hole" of the Internet?

  • How deep is your fake:
    Online Fraud Techniques

    In addition to the obvious benefits, the development of Internet technologies also brings with it new risks and dangers. One of these is for sure an avalanche-like increase in the spread of fakes and deepfakes. Their use began as a kind of "mischief" - to create humorous content or advertise a product. However, very quickly, deepfake has become more than just entertainment: these technologies can easily not only mislead, but also maliciously deceive. How do you distinguish the truth from the lies on today's Internet? And where is the fine line between a joke and an offence?

  • IT Volunteers and Information Security: Digital Innovation for the Benefit of Society

    Information security has become more relevant in the last year than ever before, not only for companies, but also for ordinary users of the World Wide Web. In Russia, there is a particularly acute shortage of professionals in this area. In addition, this field, unlike financial technology or game development, is not particularly popular with students and young professionals. How can we stimulate interest in this field? And how can IT volunteering, where IT people volunteer in their free time to help to solve high-tech problems, assist them do this?

Lunch, networking, fun-zone activities

14:15–16:15 Master classes with leading experts

16:15–16:30 Networking

16:30–17.00 Closing Ceremony
17:00–18:00 Musical perfomance

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The Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment is an alliance of nine major Russian companies: VympelCom, Gazprom Media Holding, Kaspersky Lab, MegaFon, MTS, VK, National Media Group, Rostelecom and Yandex.

The Alliance was established in September 2021. Its mission is to develop a safe online space for children, where they, regardless of age and location, can communicate and be friends, learn and develop, and discover new opportunities and entertainment.

This year, the topic of children and youth protection will run through the whole event, that is why the Alliance for the Protection of Children has become a strategic partner of the Forum! Nowadays, essential issues such as digital literacy, positive and educational content, conditions for safe online development and communication, comprehensive protection of personal data are becoming increasingly important. All this is important not only for adult internet users, but also for children and young people!

Alliance Award "For a Safe Digital Childhood"
"For a Safe Digital Childhood" Award - is a new project of the Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment, aimed at supporting projects to develop a safe digital environment throughout Russia. The Alliance expects contestants to provide effective, creative and even visionary proposals and ideas for protecting children online, creating and promoting positive content, and improving digital literacy among the younger generation.

The competition for the Award comprises three nominations:

- "The Best Digital Lesson" for teachers
- "Adults and Children on the Internet" for parents
- "Best Youth Project" for children

The competition in each nomination is held in two stages, at the end of which the finalists will receive valuable motivational prizes from the event planner, and the children will get an internship opportunity at member companies of the Alliance.

Children aged between 14 and 18, parents and school teachers who have submitted initiatives, proposals and educational projects that have been rated highly by a panel of experts can apply for the Award.

Applications may be submitted remotely by completing an online form until April 17, 2023 inclusive.
Youth Digital Ombudsman Award "Digitalization for Good"
The Youth Digital Ombudsman and the Global IT Cooperation Competence Centre have established the "Digitalization for Good" Award. The aim of the Award is to identify and support young people, including IT professionals.

Contributions should be made in the following areas:

- protection of rights and clarification of duties and responsibilities of citizens in the digital space;
- increase of the level of digital literacy among citizens;
- promotion of lawful, moral behavior of citizens in the digital space.

Young people aged 18 to 35 can nominate the results of their activities (e.g. education), projects or products (e.g. application, software, etc.). One can participate in the competition individually or collectively.

Applications can be submitted remotely by completing an online form until April 2023 inclusive.
Applications can be submitted remotely by completing an online form until the end of April 2023.
Date and time:
13 May

Digital Business Space,
Pokrovka St, 47, Moscow, 105064