The UN acknowledges Russia' youth Internet governance initiative
The UN has included the Russian initiative in its official list of youth Internet Governance Forums (IGF) held in Germany, Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, China, India and other countries and regional groups.

On March 11, the UN Secretariat sent an official letter to the organizers of the first Russian IGF congratulating and thanking them for their efforts in preparing the event.

The letter states that the Russian Youth IGF complies with the core principles of the UN Internet Governance Forums, such as openness, inclusivity, and non-commercial nature, and acknowledges Russia's commitment to multilateral dialogue and cooperation between the public, private and social sectors and the bottom-up approach that implies raising public awareness of the event and making the participation in the IGF all the more important. The UN Secretariat notes further that the Russian IGF fulfills the requirements for national, regional, subregional and youth initiatives (NRI).

Registration to the Russian Youth IGF is open till 22 March, 2021, at the link.
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