How will the Youth RIGF 2021 be organised?
Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth RIGF 2021) will bring together young people from 18 to 30 years old who are interested in IT. During the registration, it is necessary to choose one of the four sections to participate in - "(Non) Virtual Reality", "Digital Economy: Utopia or Dystopia?", "My Personal Data: Whose Is It? Who Does It Belong to?", "2020 Is the Year of TikTok. Is It a Hype or Main Platform for Youth? ".

In each of the sections, a panel discussion will take place with the participation of IT experts with a further Q&A session. Sections will be organised in the format of a foresight session.

Based on the panel discussion, participants and moderators of the sections, will discuss the main ideas regarding the future of the Internet, as well as express their views on Internet governance, data protection, digital literacy, online security, equal access to information and etc. For those participants who do not plan to visit Moscow, an online streaming of the Forum will be available, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions online.

The final document of the Forum will be a Youth Communique, which will reflect the main ideas discussed within the four sections, as well as proposals previously sent to the website.

Youth Communique will be presented at the Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF) on 7-9 April. RIGF will allow IT experts, politicians and other participants to take the ideas of the younger generation into account and build a strategy for the development of the Internet.

You can apply for participation and send your proposals for the Youth Communique via our website:

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