Registration for the Special Course for youth at RIGF-2021 continues
For the first time, within the framework of the 11th Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2021), a special course will be held for young people under 35 years old who are interested in the development and use of the Internet and digital technologies.

The main goal of the special course is to discuss with young people and analyze the topics of the main program of RIGF-2021 and provide an opportunity to communicate with experts of the Forum.

As a part of the Special Course during 21 March – 5 April, participants will work online and will consider six topics:

Digital platforms: the rules of the game?
The section will provide an opportunity to examine the issues of compliance by multinational Internet companies with national laws, as well as competition rules and how they should work for tech giants.

User Agreements with Internet Platforms: How to Protect the Rights of Russian Users and the Interests of the State?
An hour and a half conversation about the legal aspects of user agreements, the inequality of which is often impossible to verify.

Data Sovereignty
Participants will analyze and discuss one of the supposed components of the information sovereignty of the state - the sovereignty of data. The idea behind this sovereignty is that data is governed by the laws and governmental structures of the country where it is collected.

Investigation and Attribution of Cyber Attacks
Cyberattacks all over the world take place regularly. How to define who is committing them and what approaches to reveal cybercriminals exist today? These are the questions the participants will try to answer during this online meeting.

Building Trust in Supply Chains
A discussion on how to improve the security of digital products and what is the responsibility of a business sector in responding to digital threats? This online meeting will also focus on coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities without harming a competition process.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics
Further technological development cannot be imagined without artificial intelligence. The sections will analyze how moral and ethical aspects can influence the formation of the legal regulation in the field of AI.

Participants will be able to contribute their ideas to the youth communique, which will be developed in the Youth RIGF-2021.

You can submit an application until March 18 inclusive on the RIGF website: In order to join the course, after registration you will need to complete a test task.

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