Russia needs IT specialists
The future belongs to information technology, and professions in this area are the most demanded and highly paid in the labor market. The need of the Russian economy for IT specialists is growing every year. A recent study by the Alliance in the field of artificial intelligence showed that in the largest Russian companies (up to 4 thousand people) mostly lack the professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and big data analysis. Shortage of workers in the field of information technology in Russia is from 500 thousand to 1 million people.

The state will resolve a problem in the framework of the national project "Digital Economy". The government plans to increase the number of budget-funded places in these specialities so that by the end of 2024 at least 120 thousand new students a year will enter universities. Already in the new academic year (2021/2022), the number of places will increase to 80 thousand, which is 25% more than the enrollment in 2020.

Such topics, as career prospects, information technology problems, lack of personnel and IT professionals in Russia are planned to be discussed in one of the Youth RIGF sections, "Digital Economy: Utopia or Dystopia". Hurry up to register and share your ideas during the forum:

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