Best youth IT projects and specialists awarded at Youth RIGF
Winners in 6 categories chosen during the First Youth Internet Governance Forum.

The best youth IT startup was proclaimed to be the project of Ilya Katkov, a 4th year student of the Belgorod Industrial College. He created an application called "Free Lunch", an automated system for remote registration for hot meals to be used by students of secondary vocational educational institutions. This application not only greatly streamlines the application process, but also makes it possible to reduce a significant item of expenditures in the regional budget.

The winner in the category "Educational IT project" was the School of Childhood Safety "Light", founded by Alexander Dubinin, a resident of Smolensk. The topics of the school's online courses varied from the basics of Internet cybersafety and digital space risks to building family media hygiene.

The winner in the nomination "Student IT Project" was the software developed by Yuri Grushko, a graduate student of Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University. This software allows eye tracking in real time without special equipment. The medical oculography system working on its basis will enable communication with people suffering from motor disorders, neuromuscular syndromes and other CNS diseases by enabling them to control a personal computer using eye movements.

Women's achievements in information technology also received a separate nomination. The Women's Leadership Award went to Alisa Konyukhovskaya, executive director of the National Association of Robotics Market Participants (NUARR). She took the helm at the age of 24 and has proven to be an effective leader, tripling the number of its members in just two years. Also, under her leadership, NUARR was admitted to the Board of the International Federation of Robotics.

Anastasia Staroverova, an official TikTok and Yandex.Zen blogger, was named Best youth IT blogger. The total audience of her social network accounts numbers 600 thousand people. At the moment, Anastasia is developing her own social network called Connect+, a global platform for business contacts. Among other things, Anastasia has two degrees with honors from Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

The winner in the International IT Award category was the Serbian BabyFM mobile app, which allows young parents to automatically monitor a baby's body temperature and health status. This turned out to be especially relevant at night, when parents cannot fully watch their child.

Prizes for creative achievements were also awarded to Alim Khapov for writing scripts for the Forum videos and Alina Yakim for the Forum anthem. All of the winners and runners-up were presented with diplomas and gifts from Rostelecom, the Forum's General Partner.

All Russian winning projects once again proved that talented IT specialists can be found in any corner of our country, and that young people's ideas in the field of information technology are indeed capable of changing the world.

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